Gospel Singing Workshop

Michael and Carla certainly made us work hard as we learnt lots of different gospel and spiritual songs, but that did not stop us having lots of fun and learning all about how and why some of the songs were written. I wonder… which song was you favourite? What have you learnt from the workshop?

7 thoughts on “Gospel Singing Workshop

  1. I really enjoyed singing along to Carla and Michael’s songs. My favourite song was man in the mirror apart from the singing I now know about the slavery in Africa and the person who wrote amazing grace actually sold slaves but he stopped because he realised it was wrong.

  2. My favourite song was wade in the water.Carla was really fun to work with and she was really funny and Michel was really good on the piano

  3. I loved the gospel choir because carla told us the history behind black history and how the slaves used songs to communicate with each other and to travel secret messages of how to escape cramped cells on he ships. My favourite songs was Man In The Mirror by Micle Jackson.

  4. I really enjoyed the gospel singing because it was a change and great. Gospel music is singing and doing action at the same time. My favourite song is I smile and Man In The Mirror because they are entertaining and fun.

  5. My most favoroute song was Man In The Mirror which was by Michael Jackson. I have learnt that slaves used to be sold which I never knew.

  6. My favourite song was wade in the water because is had a cool tune that I liked and slaves use to use songs to commuteicate so they could plan plans behind the masters back .

  7. I loved the Gospel Singing Workshop because I loved singing all the different songs and hyms.My favourite song was Man In The Mirror because I liked the tune of the song.I learnt that Gospel Music is fun type of music that has singing dancing and clapping your hands in it.I also learnt that slaves used to communicate with songs.

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